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``Melbourne based elopement photographer and wedding filmmaker Sarah Matler is never too far away from a river or a moody landscape. Combining her love of adventure and emotion she immerses herself into every wedding with her unique style and compassion. With a background in documentary photography Sarah tells beautiful stories through her images.``

Hello My Name is Sarah

I never thought of myself as a hopeless romantic but I do tend to think of love as having fairytale-like qualities. Even that ordinary ol’ love is storybook worthy to me. Rom-coms aside, these rose tinted glasses can’t help but be sentimental. I can’t get enough of those seemingly little stories in between all those grand gestures – Yes I want to hear about that time you stayed up talking till 4am before work. It’s the small things I love and those moments in between moments that make up your story. The way you look at eachother when you think no one is watching. That laugh you let out when you see your love do something silly. The way they tease you, hug you. Hold your hair back when you’re… under the weather. I would have called myself a storyteller, but it’s you who tells your story, and I can’t wait to show you how utterly amazing it is.

Meet Sarah

And her studio companion, Ruby the Greyhound!

Sarah Matler Photagraphy Elopement Wedding Photographer Torquay Surf Coast Otways


Hi I’m Sarah. Big fan of the water and that heart melting feelin. Love an excuse to let my hair down for a boogie and kickin back with my feet up with my eye on the horizon.. If you’re in love, engaged or just want to make something beautiful; let's do it!!

Cuteness Co-ordinator


Zoomie extraordinaire and beanbag enthusiast. Ruby the retired racer has quite the repertoire. We are big fans of including all types of family members in weddings whether they’re the ring bearer or just around for moral support.

Your Wedding

Romantic documentary photography with an energy of presence and completely unobtrusive

Whether it’s rolling out of bed at 5am to catch the first light or zipping around at your wedding I know that I always push myself to get the best photos possible. Because casing that light and that moment is what fuels me! Showing you those photos and sharing with you how beautiful you look, how amazing and happy your day was is so exciting – you never have to wait long for a sneak peek!! I just love sharing those amazing moments with you. 


With each wedding I fall in love over and over again. It is the people, the connection, the emotion. The inspiration to capture beautiful photography and artful wedding photos. What an absolute gift it is to share the memories and capture the special, silly, and even those ‘we’ll laugh about it one day” moments. 


At every step of the way I want you to feel excited about planning your wedding. So let’s meet up over a beverage…or zoom, and talk about all the things big and small. I want you to feel comfortable, confident and stress free so I’ll be here to guide you through the process and don’t forget to call me anytime – about weddings, dog videos or encouragement to buy that plant you definitely do need!


I spent 5 years planning a wedding and thinking of our wedding photos, it all went wrong... [due to covid]. Now I know it was all so we could have this perfect wedding with you as our photographer.

Ciara & Adam

Thank you so much for the beautiful day, it is a day we will never forget and your kindness will be fondly remembered

Samantha & Angela

Sarah was our wedding photographer and she's awesome and her photos are amazing...everyone we've shown them to loves them. Highly recommend contacting Sarah for any photography. She's great!

Daniel & Katie

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